As rugged as our racers: Laminate flooring

NASCAR is part of the life-blood of Lexington and nearly every kid who has grown up in these red-clay hills knows the stories of those old stock-car racers speeding around the track. In those days they didn’t have all of the safety equipment that they have today, but those men were made out of something tough and durable. Though laminate flooring does not drive around a race track, it makes a great racetrack for your little ones to drive their cars around as they imagine themselves racing. And these floors are tough enough to take it.

Known for durability

Laminate is known for its durability. Wear layers protect the design on the top and high-density cores provide a base that can stand up to the wear and tear of even the most active families — even those with future NASCAR drivers running about. They carry wear warranties that extend ten and twenty years and longer (depending on the product) and resist scuffing and scratches. They also resist water spills, making them excellent choices in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture may be present.

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Known for beauty

Laminate wood flooring is designed to imitate the look and feel of real hardwood. It comes in many different colors and with many different design patterns. Whether you are passionate about traditional wood flooring or exotic woods, there are options for both in this product. Yet, laminate does not stick only with wood. It is also made to imitate ceramic and porcelain tile as well as many types of stone tiles. They are designed to look so natural that your friends might not know the difference at a casual glance. These styles open up many options for design in your home. Some lines are more formal and others that are more casual in appearance. These floors also work well in the basement making them flooring for your whole home.


At Deitz Flooring Design, we pride ourselves in giving you excellent service from your first visit with us to your final installation. That means we employ some of the finest installers in the Piedmont Triad. They will prepare your floor, install your laminate floor, and install any trim that is needed to give a beautiful fit and finish to your floor. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We, at Deitz Flooring Design, are your source for laminate flooring. Whether you live down the street from our Lexington, NC showroom, or in the surrounding regions of Lexington, NC, Winston, NC, Thomasville, NC, Salisbury, NC, Clemmons, NC, Advance, NC, Trinity, NC, Asheboro, NC, Ramseur, NC, and Mocksville, NC, we are happy to work with you. Give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales associates will walk you through all of the many advantages that laminate floors bring.