What carpet flooring pattern options do I have?

What carpet flooring pattern options do I have?

Patterned carpeting can add a sophisticated, designer atmosphere to any space. A patterned rug may be your answer if you want to add texture and visual interest without many colors.

Gone are the days of the bland off-white or soft beige wall-to-wall carpets. Today it's all about maximalism or "living out loud." That means creativity and expressing personal style.

Sophisticated stripes

Want to make your small room seem longer or wider? Go stripes!

Stripes are optical illusions that draw the eye in and add depth. Balance is crucial, especially when installing a striped floor covering. Be sure all colors harmonize with each other.

You can get big, bold, or thinner ones for a more subtle (and preppy) look.

A subtle and strong

Square patterns, especially in a neutral color palette like gray or white, are elegant. They add visual interest without overwhelming a space.

This is a good compromise if you aren’t ready to go all-in on bold, wild patterns.

Try layering

This is another good compromise if you aren't ready to go entirely into maximalism. Instead, select wall-to-wall carpeting in a neutral color like gray or blue.

Layer it with a brightly patterned area rug or one with a wild pattern, like an animal print. Layering makes cleaning more straightforward because you pick it up and shake it.

Other ideas include:

1. Bold florals with a neutral color twist. For instance, a gray carpet with intricate floral designs for a somewhat vintage look.

2. Moroccan trellis: This geometric is reminiscent of arabesque tiles, one of the hottest trends this year.

3. Hexagons, theme patterns, and colorful geometrics.

Let’s get you into our carpet store!

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