Four tips for choosing the perfect carpet

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could tell you exactly how to choose the perfect carpeting? While we cannot make all your most personal choices for this experience, what we can do is give you four tips that should be important to you, so read along with today’s post to find out more.

Carpeting considerations, no matter your need

When it comes to flooring, personal preferences reign supreme, however, there are a few tips that can help make the process a little less daunting as you try to navigate all your options, and here are four of them.

  1. Think long term. If your home is abusy one, we recommend looking only at fibers that will stand up tothe amount of daily wear they will undergo for the best results overtime.

  2. Enjoy your décor. Visuallyappealing floors that match your décor are necessary for bothambiance and comfort, so don't miss the chance to choose the lookyou love.

  3. Special considerations. Withtoday's modern technology, there's a product that fits everyone'sneeds, including hypoallergenic fibers for allergy sufferers andmaterials with built-in stain and odor protection for pet owners.

  4. Don’t skip the underpadding.It’s tempting when the budget is tight, but the best way to ensureyour floors performs as they should is by not cutting theunderpadding.

Let us help you choose an excellent floor covering

When you visit Deitz Flooring Design, you'll find a carpet store that is entirely dedicated to ensuring the success of your endeavor, no matter the size. Our associates work to match you with excellent materials and the services that bring life to them once they are in place.

We are proud to serve Winston, Thomasville, Salisbury, Clemmons, Advance, Trinity, Asheboro, Ramseur, and Mocksville, all from our showroom in Lexington, NC. We'd love to help you with your search for the best carpet floor covering, so see what we can do for you.